Vera Lynn

Vera Lynn The magnificent Dame Vera Lynn became in 2009 the oldest living artist to have a Number 1 album chart at the age of 92.    The Forces Sweetheart of World War Two published her autobiogaphy in 2010 and has given several television performances which show her genuineness and gentleness.    She made three […]

Mandy Miller

Mandy Miller. (Wikipedia) Child actors of prominence in British films are few and far between.   Mandy Miller was one of the few children to gain widespread public recognition in British films of the 1950’s.   She was first noticed in a small part in the Ealing comedy “The Man in the White Suit” with Alec Guinness […]

David Robb

David Robb. TCM Overview. David Robb has many television appearances to his credit including a major role with Haley Mils in “The Flame Trees of Thika”.   He is a very interesting actor and brings great characterisation to his guest roles on such television series as “Taggart”, “Rebus”, “The Bill”, “Casualty”, “Monarch of the Glen” etc […]

Diana Wynyard

Had she wanted it, Diana Wynyard might have had a screen career as long and distinguished as that of Davis or Hepburn.   As a stage actress she was excellent but seldom outstanding, nor was her later screen work likely to make anybody’s eyes pop out.    But her early film work is quite, quite stunning.   […]

Alec Guinness

  “Apart from Oliver, none of the serious highly regarded top-drawer British actors has had such a successful career in films as Alec Guinness.   He has been in many very popular films,most of them enhanced by his performance.   His versatility has been a byword over the past 30 years and perhaps it is […]

June Ritchie

June Ritchie. TCM Overview June Ritchie has one great role on film to her credit – ‘Ingrid’ opposite Alan Bates in “A Kind of Loving” in 1962.   She was born in 1938 in Manchester.   Her other films include “Live Now – Pay Later” and “Man in the Moon”.   Details on her best […]

Helen Walker

Helen Walker was a U.S. actress who had a short career and died young in 1968.   She did however make many good movies, three  in particular are worthy of attention – ” Call Northside 777″, “The Big Combo” and “Nightmare Alley”.   In the latter she was chillingly effective as a psychatrist who manipulates Tyrone Power. […]

Evelyn Laye

Evelyn Laye obituary in “The Independent” in 1996. Evelyn Laye was a British musical comedy star who made her Boradway debut in 1929 in Noel Coward’s “Bitter Sweet”.   She made a few films in Hollywood before returning to Britain to concentrate on stage and film there.   One of her last roles was as Jean Simmon’s […]

Mona Washbourne

Mona Washbourne Mona Washbourne was a terrific character actress who had acted on the stage since the 1920’s.   She only hit her stride in the 1960’s when she herself was in her sixties.   She was born in 1903 in Birmingham.   She went to Hollywood to play the housekeeper Mrs Pearce in “My Fair […]

John Stride

John Stride obituary in “The Guardian” in 2018 John Stride, who has died aged 81, was a golden boy of the early years of the National Theatre – he was a founder member of Laurence Olivier’s company at the Old Vic, appearing as Fortinbras in Hamlet, the inaugural production starring Peter O’Toole in 1963 – and a television star […]