Loretta Young

Loretta Young obituary in “The Guardian” in 2000 Loretta Young has had one of the longest cinema careers in the history of movies.   She made her first film as a child in the silent  “The Primrose Ring” in 1917 and her final movie was the television film “Lady in a Corner” in 1989.     She […]

Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer is a brilliant British actor who seems to have cornered the market in playing hard young urban types with a penchant for violence.   It would be good to see him in a different role, perhaps a university college professor with left-wing tendencies who is launching a campaign to save the trees in the […]

Johnny Weissmuller

Johnny Weissmuller will forever be remembered as the greatest film Tarzan of all.   He was born in 1904 in Austria.   He arrived with his parents in the U.S. the following year.   At the age of ine he contracted polio and his doctors advised swimming as a form of therapy.   He became so proficint at the […]

Brenda de Banzie

Brenda de Banzie starred in several major films in Britain in the 1950’s and 60’s but biographical information on her seems very scarce.   She was born in Manchester in 1909.   She did not begin a career on film until she was in her mid 40’s.   Her film debut was in “The Yellow Balloon” with Kathleen […]

John Alderton

John Alderton. TCM Overview John Alderton was born in 1940 in Gainsborough in England.   He has had many successful British television series including “Emergency Ward 10”,  “Please Sir”, “Upstairs, Downstairs”, “Thomas and Sarah” , “My Wife Next Door”,and “Forever Green”.   His films include “Duffy” in 1969 and more recently “Calender Girls”.   He is long married […]

Rod Taylor

“Handsome and brawny, Rod Taylor has nevertheless played comedy with some finesse and drama with considerable sensitivity, but he seems less to want to act than to blaze away as the beefy, breezy hero of what “Variety” called ‘middle-budget action pictures.   While the fan magazines refer to him as a ‘Tough Guy’, critics call […]

John Bindon

John Bindon was a very interesting screen actor in British films in the 1960’s and 70’s .   He usually played tough guys a role which he seemed to play in real life.   The director Ken Loach spotted him in an East End pub in London in 1966 and cast him as the abusive husband of […]

Oliver MacGreevy

Oliver MacGreevy was born in Dublin 1928.   Virtually all of his acting career has been in the U.K.   His first film was THe Scamp” in 1057.   Other credits include “The Leather Boys”, “The Girl with Green Eyes”, “The Ipcress Files” and “Flash Gordon”.   He retired in 1984.   His “Wikipedia” entry can be accessed here.

May Britt

May Britt. IMDB May Britt was born in 1933 in Sweden.   She began her career in the 1950’s in Italian films.   In 1956 she had a featured role as the friend of Audrey Hepburn’s Natasha in “War and Peace”.    She moved to Hollywood when she obtained a contract with 20th Century Fox.   Among her […]

Alexis Smith

Alexis Smith obituary in “The Independent”. ”. ALEXIS SMITH was an aloof, glacial beauty who was typecast as such. She was soignee, smart, sophisticated, hair swept up (it was a shock to see it falling around her shoulders), with diamante-encrusted collars. She was a leading star who never engaged much popular attention – how could […]