Pat Kirkwood

Pat Kirkwood was born in Salford in 1921.   She appeared in many revues and musicals in England from the 1930’s onwards.   She became a very popular concert and recording star during World War Two.   She had made her film debut in 1939 in “Save A Little Sunshine for Me”.   In 1945 she went to Hollywood […]

Frankie Avalon

Frankie Avalon was born in 1940 in Philadelphia.    He became a teenage pop singer along with Bobby Rydell and Fabian.   In the early sixties he starred in a series if “beach” movies with Annette Funicello starting with “Beach Party”.   He was featured in “The Alamo” with John Wayne in 1960 and “The Voyage to the […]

Kathie McGrath

Kathie McGrath was born in Dublin in 1983.   She graduated in History from Dublin’s Trinity College.   In 2007 she appeared in the film “Damage” and then in “Eden”.   She had a role in “The Tudors”.   Is currently on television in “The Adventures of Merlin”.   “” article on Kathie McGrath here.

Kay Callard

  Kay Callard was a Canadian actress who spent most of her career in Britain.   Her films include “Reluctant Bride” in 1955, “Find the Lady” in the following year and “Our Cissy” in 1974.   She died in 2008 at the age of 75.

Richard Todd

Richard Todd obituary in “The Guardian” in 2009. Richard Todd, who has died of cancer aged 90, will be best remembered for the films in which he played a wide assortment of clean-cut British heroes. His most famous performance was as Wing Commander Guy Gibson in The Dam Busters (1955), although he also played Robin […]

Anna Charleston

Anna Charleston was born in Melbourne, Australia.   She began her television career in Australian television in the series “Consider Your Verdict” in 1962.    Her other series include 2Class of 74″, “Neighbours” and in the UK,  “Emmerdale Farm”.   While not not working, Ms Charleson resides in her home in the West of Ireland. Interview with Anne […]

Ruth Roman

Ruth Roman was a striking, dark-haired strong actress who made many fine films in Hollywood during the 1950’s. She was born in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1922. Shie is perhaps best remembered for her leading role opposite Farley Granger in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “Strangers On A Train” in 1951. Other films of note include “Beyond the […]

Joan Lorring

Joan Lorring was born in 1926 in Hong Kong. She made her film debut in “Song of Russia” in 1944. She was Oscar nominated for her role in “The Corn Is Green” with Bette Davis and Mildred Dunnock. Other films incliude “The Bridge of San Luis Rey”, “Three Strangers”and “The Lost Moment”. Her IMDB entry […]

Robert Donat

Robert Donat was born in 1905 in Manchester.   His stage debut came in 1921 and the following year made his first film “Men of Tomorrow”.   He suffered from asthma which restristed his career.   Although his film career is not extensive , his films are choise.   They include “The Ghost Goes West” in 1935, “The Private […]

Barbara Rush

Barbara Rush was born in 1927 in Denver, Colorado.   She made her screen debut with “The Goldbergs” in 1951.   She starred among the major actors of the 1950’s including Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, James Mason, Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis.   Her film credits include “When Worlds Collide”, “Bigger Than Life” in 1956, “The Bramble Bush” […]