June Ritchie

June Ritchie. TCM Overview

June Ritchie has one great role on film to her credit – ‘Ingrid’ opposite Alan Bates in “A Kind of Loving” in 1962.   She was born in 1938 in Manchester.   Her other films include “Live Now – Pay Later” and “Man in the Moon”.   Details on her best known film “A Kind of Loving” can be found on the IMDB website here.

TCM Overview:

June Ritchie was a big screen film actress known for powerful performances.

Ritchie found her beginnings in film with roles in “A Kind of Loving” (1962) and “Live Now – Pay Later” (1962).

She went on to act in the Margaret Rutherford adaptation sequel “The Mouse on the Moon” (1963) and “Pere Goriot” (PBS, 1970-71).

Later in her career, Ritchie appeared in “December Flower” (PBS, 1986-87).

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  1. June Ritchie,The Great Beautiful lovely Actress Made her British Film Debut as Ingrid Rothwell falling in love with Vic Brown played by the late Alan Bates in The 1962 Movie Drama,A Kind of Loving Made by Shepperton Studios.
    She Appeared in The Movies & TV Show Alongside Juke Box Jury,This is Your Life,Live Now Pay Later,World Ten Times Over,Mouse On The Moon,December Flower,Summer Season,The Saint,The Baron,Hunted & This is My Street.
    June Ritchie is The Great Actress icon from 1962-88.

    Terry Christie,

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