Karen Black

In the 1970’s Karen Black seemed to feature in every other film from big-budget movies like “The Great Gatsby” in 1974 to Hitchcock’s final film “Family Plot”, “Nashville”, “Airport 1975”  to “Day of the Locusts”.   She was born in Illinois in 1939.   She made her debut in “You’re A Big Boy Now” in 1966.   Her […]

Pia Lindstrom

Pia Lindstrom was born in Sweden in 1938.   Her mother was Ingrid Bergman and when her mother went to Hollywood to begin her U.S. career, Pia and her father followed.   Pia Lindstrom is prinarily known as a television news reporter and commentator but she mas made the occasional film including “Marriage Italian Style” in 1964 […]

Peter Fonda.

Peter Fonda obituary in “The Guardian” in 2019 by Ronald Bergan The reputation of Peter Fonda as an actor could never match that of his father, Henry, or his older sister, Jane. Even taken on its own terms, his career was alarmingly erratic. Its peak was probably reached when Fonda, who has died aged 79 of lung […]

Gene Tierney

“Gene Tierney was as sleek and as beautiful as a lynx – a shade warmer perhaps, but nowhere near as agile.   Once she emerged from the miscasting which almost wrecked her career at the  outset, she was neither very good or very bad.   She was simply there on the screen – which when […]

Jackie Cooper

Jackie Cooper was born in 1922 in Los Angeles.   He was one of the leading child actors in Hollywood in the 1930’s.   He starred in the “Our Gang” series and in 1931 signed a contract with MGM.   He starred opposite Wallace Beery in a series of movies including the well-regarded tearkerker “The Champ”.   Among his […]

Cornelia Sharpe

Cornelia Sharpe was born in 1943 in Selma, Alabama.   For a time in the 1970’s she had some leading roles in major movies opposite such famous actors as Al Pacino in “Serpico” in 1932 and Sean Connery in “The Next Man” in 1976. IMDB entry: Cornelia Sharpe was born on October 18, 1943 in Selma, […]

Ruth Bradley

Ruth Bradley was born in 1987 in Dublin.   In 2007 she starred in the film “Stardust” followed ib “In Her Skin”.   She is in the series “Primeval”. IMDB entry: Ruth Bradley was born on January 24, 1987 in Dublin, Ireland. She is an actress, known for Grabbers (2012), Flyboys (2006) and In Her Skin (2009).   When she was 18 she […]

Joanna David

Joanna David. Joanna David was born in 1947 in Lancaster.   Made her film debut in 1969 in “The Smashing Bird I Used to Know”.   Has had a very profilic career on the stage and on television. Other films include “Sleepwalker” in 1985 and “Secret Friends” in 1991.   She is the mother of actors Emilia Fox […]

Emilia Fox

Emilia Fox is the daughter of Joanna David and Edward Fox.   Her younger brother is the actor Freddie Fox.   She was born in 1974 in London.   In 2004 she replaced Amanda Burton as the female lead in the long running television series on BBC, “Silent Witness”.   Her other roles include “The Round Tower” and “Things […]

Shane Brolly

Shane Brolly was born in 1970 in Belfast.   He made his movie debut in 1998 in “Stomping Ground”.   Other films include “Underworld” and “48 Angels”.