Patricia Dainton

Patricia Dainton
Patricia Dainton

Wikipedia entry:

Patricia Dainton was born in 1930 and   is a British actress who appeared in a number of film and television roles between 1947 and 1961. She was born in Hamilton, Scotland, and made her screen debut in the 1947 film Dancing with Crime. She trained at the Rank Organisation‘s “charm school”.

She was born in Hamilton, Scotland, the daughter of film and stage agent Vivienne Black.[ She left Scotland at age ten, moving to London. She attended the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London and the Cone school of dance.

After her stage debut at Stratford-upon-Avon, Dainton acted in the suburbs of London, with roles in Babette, Watch on the Rhine, Quiet Wedding, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Dainton’s “dancing and acting debut in Technicolor” came in The Dancing Yearswith her screen debut in the 1947 film Dancing with Crime. She trained at the Rank Organisation‘s “charm school”. (Another source says that Dainton “made her first film debut in 1942 in The Bells Go Down.”). Her twin brother, George Bryden also made a couple of film and stage appearances around this time.

Patricia was married to the actor turned producer Norman Williams and they had two children.

55 years after her last film role, she appeared in the public eye again, both attending the Renown Film Festival and providing introductions to her films in “An Afternoon with Patricia Dainton” on her 86th Birthday for TalkingPictures TV.


“Quinlan’s Movie Stars”:

Blue-eyed Dresden china blonde.   Born in Scotland and on the stage as a teenager.   Started as a glamourpuss following a Rank contract but did well later on as a beleaguredt,declcate but resourceful heroine.   Seemed to lack a career drive to become a bigger star.

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