Mike Mazurki

Mike Mazurki obituary in “The Los Angeles Times” in 1990. Mike Mazurki, a former college football player and professional wrestler who portrayed menacing thugs or dull-witted giants in more than 80 adventure films and crime melodramas, died Sunday. A spokesman for Glendale Adventist Medical Center said the 6-foot, 5-inch, 265-pound actor had several ailments and […]

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke. Wikipedia. Mickey Rourke began his career in the film 1941, directed by Steven Spielberg. Later, Rourke starred in several television films and made brief appearances in feature films. He made his breakthrough performance in the film Diner. Later, his career continued with popular films such as 9½ Weeks, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Rumble Fish, Year of the Dragon, Barfly, Angel Heart and […]

Luana Patten

Luana Patten obituary in “The Independent” in 1996. Nine-year-old Luana Patten’s first scene in Walt Disney’s Song of the South (1947) shows her angrily snatching a puppy away from her rough-neck older brothers who are threatening to drown it. Later she gives the dog to Johnny (10-year-old Bobby Driscoll, who was to die in 1968 […]

Harry Carey Jr.

The actor Harry Carey Jr, who has died aged 91, was the last surviving member of the director John Ford‘s stock company, which included John Wayne, Victor McLaglen, Ben Johnson, Anna Lee, Ward Bond, Andy Devine and Harry’s own parents, Olive and Harry Carey Sr. They formed a cohesive group and contributed to the distinctive world of […]

Richard Crenna

Richard Crenna obituary in “The Guardian” in 2003. Films like First Blood (1982) and the dire Rambo III (1988) helped earn Richard Crenna, who has died aged 75, a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, but he made better films along the way. With The Sand Pebbles (1966) he had entered that dependable category, the […]

Glen Byam Shaw

Glencairn Alexander “Glen” Byam Shaw, CBE (13 December 1904 – 29 April 1986) was an English actor and theatre director, known for his dramatic productions in the 1950s and his operatic productions in the 1960s and later. In the 1920s and 1930s Byam Shaw was a successful actor, both in romantic leads and in character parts. He […]

Sol Haras

Heras was born in 1987 and brought up in Cheshire. In 2007, he was cast in the scripted talent show drama Rock Rivals as one of the contestants, Luke Ellis. He replaced a previous unnamed actor at the filming stages. The series aired in 2008 and was the actor’s first television appearance. Unlike co-star Holly Quin-Ankrah, Heras […]

James Douglas

James Douglas James Douglas (May 20, 1929 – March 5, 2016) was an American actor probably best known for his role as Grant Colman on As the World Turns (1974–81, with return appearances in 1986 and 1989). Born in Los Angeles, Douglas was the son of Stan Johnson, himself an actor. Johnson later became art director on Peyton Place, in […]