Frankie Vaughan

Frankie Vaughan obituary in “The Guardian” in 1999. Frankie Vaughan hailed from Liverpool where he was born in 1928.   He started his career as a pop singer and had such hits as “Green Door”.   In the late 1950’s he was signed to a contract by director Herbert Wilcox and starred in films with Wilcox’s wife […]

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has starred in two of the greatest film series of  all time.   He is Han Solo in the “Star Wars” and of course Indiana Jones in the quartet directed by Spielberg.   Ford has made many other fine films including “Witness”, “Presumed Innocent” and “Working Girl”.   Now in his late sixties, he is still […]

Anthony Higgins

Anthony Higgins Anthony Higgins was born in England in 1947 of Irish parentage.   He started his career as Anthony Corlan and worked under this name in his first films which included “Something or Everyone” with Angela Lansbury and Michael York and the Hammer horror classic “Vampire Circus”. Anthony Higgins was born May 9, 1947 in East Northamptonshire, England […]

Angela Lansbury

Angela Lansbury (Wikipedia) Angela Lansbury was born in 1925 and is a British-American-Irish actress who has appeared in theatre, television, and film. Her career has spanned eight decades, much of it in the United States, and her work has attracted international acclaim. Lansbury was born to Irish actress Moyna Macgill and English politician Edgar Lansbury, an upper-middle-class family […]

Cecile Aubry

Cecile Aubry obituary in “The Guardian” in 2010. Cecile Aubry was born in Paris in 1928.   She achieved cinema fame with the film “Manon” in 1949.   She starred opposite Tyrone Power in “The Black Rose”.   She retired from acting early and became a very successful children’s writer.   She died in 2010. […]

Christian Roberts

Christian Roberts (Wikipedia) Christian Roberts made his first big impact on film in “To Sir With Love” with Sidney Poitier, Judy Geeson and Lulu in 1967.   Another major credit was “The Anniversay” where he played the son of Bette Davis.   He ceased acting on film and television in 1979.   He was a very underrated actor. […]

Kathleen Ryan

  Kathleen Ryan was born in Dublin in 1922.   Her parents owned the famous Monument Dairies  in the city.   Regarded as one of the beauties of her day, she was captured on portrait by Louis le Brocquy in 1941.   This portrait now hangs in the Ulster Museum.   She was cast opposite James Mason in her first […]

Dana Wynter

Dana Wynter obituary in “The Guardian” in 2011. It could be argued that the strikingly beautiful, dark-haired Dana Wynter, who has died aged 79, did not have the film career she deserved. One of the reasons may have been that she was under a seven-year contract to 20th Century Fox, a studio that gave her […]

Dolores Del Rio

Dolores Del Rio. TCM Overview Mexico’s premier actress, Dolores Del Rio had a very long and successful career both in Hollywood and in her hone country.   She made her screen debut in silent films in 1925 in the film “Joanna” and was still making fims in the 1960’s.   Among her later films  was Elvis Presley’s […]

Glenn Ford

Glenn Ford’s career is in definite need of reappraisal.   He appeared in many quality movies throughout his years making movies.   He starred in many different genre of film.   His roles in two film noirs “The Big Heat” and “Of Human Desire” contain depths of complexity and ambiguity.   In both  his leading lady was the great Gloria […]