Sally Whittaker and Michael La Veil

When Sally met Kevin.   These two actors are stalwarts of “Coronation Street” who were forever sending their daughters Rosie and Sally upstairs after a feed of beans on toast.   Occasionally different actresses came downstairs but Sally and Kevin never seemed to notice.

Prunella Ransome

  This actress’s autograph  was one of the most elusive to obtain as she retired from the scene some years before her early death in 2002.   Her film highlights occurred early in her career as the woebegone Fanny Robin abandoned by Terence Stamp for Julie Christie in “Far From the Madding Crowd”.   Her other notable […]

Michael Craig

Michael Craig. IMDB. Michael Craig is a stalwart presence in British Rank films of the 1950’s.   He is particularly noteworthy in “The Angry Silence” with Richard Attenborough and the war film “A Hill in Korea”.   He emigrated to Australia in the 1970’s and continued his career there mainly in television. IMDB entry: A veritable everyman […]

Donal McCann

Donal McCann obituary in “The Independent” in 1999. Primarily a stage actor Donal McCann  has made very few films since his debut in 1966 in Walt Disney’s “The Fighting Prince of Donegal”.   However his magnificent performance in John Huston’s elegy “The Dead” with Anjelica Huston ensures him a place in film history.   He played the central part […]

Gabriel Byrne

Gabriel Byrne TCM Overview. He is one of Ireland’s most eminent actors whose work has grown in stature over the years.   Gabriel Byrne first came to national attention with his role of Pat Barry in “The Riordan’s” in the late seventies.   His character was given his own series “Bracken” (which ultimately became “Glenroe”).   His first […]