Pier Angeli

Pier Angeli (Wikipedia) Pier Angeli was born in 1932 and was an Italian-born television and film actress. Her American cinematographic debut was in the starring role of the 1951 film Teresa, for which she won a Golden Globe Award for Young Star of the Year – Actress. She had one son with Vic Damone, her first husband, and another son […]

Marisa Pavan

Marisa Pavan TCM Overview. Marisa Pavan was born in Sardinia in 1932 and is the twin sister of the actress Pier Angeli.   Pavan’s breaktrough role came in 1955 as the daughter of Anna Magnani in “The Rose Tattoo” based on the play by Tennessee Williams.   Pavan was nominated foran Oscar for her performance.   She was […]

Rosanna Schiaffino

Rosanna Schiaffino obituary in “The Guardian” in 2009. Rosanna Schiaffino who has died aged 69, was one of those Italian beauty queens who began a promising acting career in the post-neorealist cinema of the 1950s. She gave up the cinema in the 1970s and married the handsome playboy and steel industry heir Giorgio Falck. Their […]

Irene Papas

Irene Papas (Wikipedia) Papas won Best Actress awards in 1961 at the Berlin International Film Festival for Antigone and in 1971 from the National Board of Review for The Trojan Women. She received career awards in 1993, the Golden Arrow Award at Hamptons International Film Festival, and in 2009, the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Biennale. Irene Papas is a retired Greek actress […]

Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman won three Oscars, “Gaslight”, “Anastasia” and “Murder on the Orient Express.   She began her career in her native Sweden and became a top Hollywood star in the 1940’s.   At the heigth of her fame in 1949 she left Hollywood and made films in Italy.   She returned to the U.S. in 1956 and resumed […]

Cecile Aubry

Cecile Aubry obituary in “The Guardian” in 2010. Cecile Aubry was born in Paris in 1928.   She achieved cinema fame with the film “Manon” in 1949.   She starred opposite Tyrone Power in “The Black Rose”.   She retired from acting early and became a very successful children’s writer.   She died in 2010. […]

France Nuyen

France Nuyen (Wikipedia) France Nuyen was born in 1939 is a French actress, model, and psychological counselor of Vietnameseancestry. Nuyen was born in Marseille, France. Her mother was French, her father Vietnamese. During World War II, her mother and grandfather were persecuted by the Nazis for being Roma. Nuyen was raised in Marseille by a cousin she calls “an Orchidaceae raiser who was the only person […]

Simone Simon

Simone Simon obituary in “The Guardian” in 2005. Almost two decades before Brigitte Bardot, the epithet “sex kitten” could have been applied even more appropriately to Simone Simon, who has died aged 94. Jean Renoir described the character Simon played in La Bête Humaine (1938) thus: “Severine is not a vamp. She’s a cat, a […]