Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling began her film career in the 1960’s and became a delight of the critics with some key films in the 1970’s and 80’s. Her first film was the Boulting Brothers “Rotten to the Core”.   She supported Alan bates, James Mason and Lynn Redgrave in “Georgy Girl”.   In 1969 she made”The Damned” in […]

Andreas Wisniewski

Andreas Wisniewski was born in 1959 in Berlin.   He made his film debut in 1986 in “Gothic” with  Gabriel Byrne and Natasha Richarsaon. The following year he made his mark in the James Bond in “The Living Daylights” and followed it as Alan Rickman’s henchman in “Die Hard”.   He is a practicing Buddhist and facilitates […]

Ralph Richardson

Sir Ralph Richardson was most of that select group of English actors who became ‘knights of the realm’ and made major contributions to British theatre and film in the mid 20th Century.   The group included Laurence Oliver,John Gielgud, Michael Redgrave and Alec Guinness.   He was born in 1902 in Chelteham.   In 1925 he […]

Tilda Swinton

Ms Swinton, a strikingly angular actress,  has been a favourite of film buffs for years and came into more wide stream international prominence with her Oscar performance in George Clooney’s “Michael Clayton” in 2007.   She was born in London in 1960 and is a graduate of Cambridge University.   “War Requiem” in 1989 directed by Derek Jarman was […]

Trisha Noble

Trisha Noble began her show business career as a singer Patsy Ann Noble in her native Australia.   She was born in 1944 in New South Wales.   In the 1970’s she moved to California and guest starred in such TV series as “Colombo” and “Baretta”.   In 1986 she returned to Australia and continued her career there. […]

Joe Duttine

Joe Duttine was born in 1970 in Bradford, West Yorkshire.   He has appeared in such television series as “Pie in the Sky”, “Life on Mars”, “Shameless” and “Coronation Street”.   His films include “My NIght With Reg” in 1997.

Clive Wood

Clive Wood Clive Wood was born in 1954 in Croydon.   He was brilliant in 1982 in the series “A Kind of Loving” as Vic Brown.   This was the role created by Alan Bates in the 1962 film version.   His films include “The Knowledge” in 1979 and “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”. IMDB entry: Clive Wood […]

Jeremy Bulloch

Jeremy Bulloch was born in 1945 in Leicestershire.   He is best known for his perfomances  in the “Star Wars” series.   Other roles include “Spare the Rod” in 1961, “Summer Holiday” with Cliff Richard and “Mary Queen of Scots” in 1971. IMDB entry: Jeremy Bulloch was born on February 16, 1945 in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England. […]

Nick Cassavettes

Nick Cassavettes was born in New York in 1959.   He is the son of John Cassavettes and Gena Rowlands.   He has acted in such films as “Faces/Off” and “The Astronaut’s Wife” ,   He has directed such movies as “Unhook the Stars” and the wonderful “The Notebook” wich starred his mother, James Garner and Ryan Gosling […]

Michael Coles

Michael Coles was born in 1936 in London.   He had a lengthy career on television.   He was featured in roles in such series as “The Plane Makers” in 1963, “The Likely Lads”, “No Hiding Place” and “Justice” in 1971.   His movies include “”Man Detained” in 1961, “Privare Potter”, “H.M.S. Defiant” and “I Want What I […]